Group booking ski rental

Group booking made easy with us

Whether companies, friends, clubs or school classes: It takes a lot of effort to coordinate the ski rental for a larger group.

You can avoid this by using the group booking function to conveniently and easily reserve the right equipment for everyone from 10 people (adults) upwards.


How does the group booking work?

1. Make an enquiry

Send a non-binding enquiry to Intersport Penz with the most important details.

2. Get a quote

Receive individual quote and group booking form by email.

Group booking enquiry


Please enter the total number of pieces of equipment you need here:

Please add 5 and 2.

If we have received all the details of the group members up to five days prior to arrival, we will handle the check-in for you so that the rental process can be accelerated. This means that you only have to try on your ski boots, we'll set up the skis and you're ready to take your turns on the slopes!


Questions about group bookings?

You can also reach us by telephone at +43 5473 89023.