About us

From souvenir shop to the present-day Intersport Penz

Tradition meets modernity

Every family business has its own personal story to tell of how the company came into being and how it has developed over the years. The story of our sports shop begins in the 1960s.

At that time, our business was still a small souvenir and photo shop with a workshop for ski preparation. My grandfather Karl completed his apprenticeship with his uncle Peter in the mid-60s, who was running the shop at that time.

To begin with, the souvenir shop was not exactly known for its lovingly decorated shop windows. My grandmother Isolde, who was working in the tourist office opposite at the time, helped show my grandfather how to make the shop window more attractive. This is how the two met and fell in love.

My grandparents took over the souvenir shop at the end of the 1960s thanks to a twist of fate.

As tourism in Nauders continued to flourish, the "Sport Penz" sporting goods shop was established in 1968-1969. It was around this time that my mother Bettina saw the light of day.

A busy period then began with many expansions and conversions. A second branch was built in 2000 to further improve the range of sporting goods on offer.

My mother Bettina has since become the managing director and runs our sporting goods shop together with her life partner Otmar.

I completed my training as a retail salesman in a renowned sports shop in the Kaunertal Valley and have been working enthusiastically ever since together with my family in our business in Nauders.

We are your personal, individual and family-managed point of contact for a holiday filled with sport in Nauders.

Our team, my family and I look forward to your visit.

See you soon in Nauders,

Lukas Penz