Expertise combined with enthusiasm and passion!

You will find items in our sports shop in Nauders that we have thoroughly put through their paces.

After all, we only want to offer you what we really approve of ourselves.

From trendy ski suits for the latest season, sporty functional jackets, insulating fleece, winter boots to functional accessories and much more.

Our shop in Nauders, the ski rental shop is right across from it.

SKI & ski boots

Strong brands, high-quality material, convincing design. Intersport Penz boasts a wide selection of carving ski models that guarantee a high level of skiing comfort and lots of fun on the slopes.
Because the perfect day of skiing starts with your feet, we also offer many boot models to meet a variety of requirements.

Our coaches will be happy to advise you and ensure that the boot is properly fitted to your foot.

After all, the right ski boots are an important investment for many years to come!


Everything about boot fitting at SPORT PENZ


Test your skis before you buy them!


Our Test & Buy service lets you really test skis and ski boots before you buy. In doing so, you can switch back and forth between the individual models as often as you would like. Our aim is to make sure that you are in a position to make an informed decision.

In the end, this ensures that you buy the right product to suit you and your needs. The rental fee of up to two days is then very simply deducted from your bill when you make your purchase.

Outdoor clothing

The demands we place on outdoor clothing come in many forms: it has to withstand harsh conditions, be functional and practical, and look good too. Difficult? No! We offer a wide range of outdoor clothing brands for sports enthusiasts from all walks of life. Functional cuts, great comfort and cool style are what we're all about.

Ski helmets, ski and snow goggles, accessories & gloves

Safety, helmets, goggles and accessories

Ski helmets are an essential part of any ski equipment to protect against injuries to the head area. They also ensure warmth - especially for sensitive ears.

Ranging from sporty and simple to futuristic and elegant, this type of head protection opens up a wide spectrum for your very own fashion style on the slopes.

We offer a wide range of ski eyewear and goggles for good vision. We also stock many useful accessories such as headgear, gloves and much more. Always ski safely once you're well-equipped.

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